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The Global Young Entrepreneur Society (GYES) is an international organization that supports exceptional young people in reaching their aspirations through giving the platform for entrepreneurial growth.



The GYES is for young entrepreneurs or young people with the potential and motivation to become young entrepreneurs in the near future. Application is open!


Signature Events

GYES Signature Events are interviews with or addresses by high-level business leaders, academics, and most importantly entrepreneurs. They share their experiences and insights potentially becoming role-models for our members.


GYES' 25 Under 25

Get recognized as one of the world's most exceptional young entrepreneurs in 2023.

25 Under 25 By the Numbers:

Average age: 19.76

Funds raised: $80 Million+

Revenue: $30 Million+


GYES Invited to the Monthly Barometer Summit of Minds

GYES President Daniel Gerlei and Director of UK Operations Lewis Swire represented the next generation of young entrepreneurs in Chamonix, France, among global decision makers from business, academia, and politics.

Tangent, Trinity College Dublin's Ideas Workspace, is one of Europe's leading university startup incubators. The partnership will give Irish entrepreneurs the opportunity to nominate themselves for the list and greater recognition for all honorees.

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